MANT Event Reporting Update

MANT Event Reporting Update

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Race Secretaries


Please be reminded that every event covered by a Permit or where a sign on sheet is issued  by a club a report back to MANT by the club is required in some form or another. The below is a guide. Please feel free to contact me for more detail or clarity of needed.




1.       Club Working Bee:

a.       May have a permit issued. Must have  a sign on sheet i supplied by the club and must be signed by all in attendance. This is positive proof of attendance and serves to cover workers in case of a relevant injury at the event.  Each sign on sheet must be returned to MANT the next day. Any reported injury should be reported on an injury report or maybe detailed in some way to show CLEARLY what happened and what the injury was.   Sheet to be returned the next day.

2.       Club Practice Day.

a.       Must have a permit issued and users must adhere to the Permit conditions and any  Policy of the club as supplied to MA. MANT must get the sign on sheets (PDF) containing the Permit Number and the date on each sheet. Any reported injury should  be on an injury report form or if not then  any injury report must be  detailed in some way to show CLEARLY what happened and what the injury was. The treating individual, with First Aid should be named. Returned at least weekly.

3.       Private Practice Day:

a.       Same as (2) above. Returned the next day.

4.       Coaching Day:

a.       Same as (2) and (3) noting no club policy is required. All coaching Sign on/injury sheets should be returned the next day.

5.       Competition Event.

a.       Requires all the usual forms – Stewards Report; CoC Report; Scrutineers report by exception; Injury Reports completed with all details including License Number – especially if a One Event Competition License was issued. The Stewards report MUST contain clear details of injury location and circumstances. These are reported weekly to MA to assist with Insurance information.

                                                               i.      Eg: Road Racing Hidden Valley – Two riders collided tipping into turn one. One rider proceeded to race, the  second rider crashed at entry point to the turn ending up on the outside of turn 1 mid apex. Rider sustained broke his wrist. 


                                                             ii.      Enduro: At about the 18km mark between checkpoint 2 and 3 rider hit a tree after losing control when striking a hidden rock throwing his front wheel off control. No serious injury, rider shaken but OK.


                                                            iii.      MX: Rider crashes landing of jump 7 when landing front wheel first. No serious injury. Rider checked by St John and approved to  recommence racing.


All reports are PDF and stored in a Cloud server (Dropbox) managed by MANT. These records may be required to be stored for in excess of 20 years, in case of future litigation or claim. If forms are not returned, then no claim will be actioned as there will be no record of the event.



Garry Lambert

Executive Manager/President

Motorcycling Australia (NT)



If your name appears on the suspended riders list you will likely need a medical clearance to be provded to MANT.


A follow up Coaches Training program is to be delivered by Mark Gill from MWA. Are you interested? Let me know.


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